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Netgain, an information technology outsourcing company, was founded to provide a ‘better-way’ of implementing, maintaining, and supporting technology for businesses who were not in the business of technology. 
As a young IT associate, Scott Warzecha made it his goal to have computers brought in for service fixed before the customer left the parking lot where he worked. It’s that commitment to customer service and leadership that he founded Netgain on more than a decade ago and a tradition that Netgain employees continue to carry on in every customer interaction.
Prior to founding Netgain, Warzecha went on to serve many large and small organizations as an advanced technology consultant designing and implementing practical IT solutions to support the business' goals.
After years of helping his clients solve their day-to-day IT problems and witnessing their struggles with self-managing the installed technology, Warzecha saw a need to develop a better solution. In 2000, Warzecha founded Netgain to deliver proactive IT services that would increase organizational productivity and decrease IT cost.

Netgain founders created a revolutionary new system that takes the training, expense and uncertainty out of outsourcing IT services. Netgain first introduced Windows-Based Desktop Hosting in 2000, making it easy for even small businesses to gain access to their email, files and software anywhere and securely store their sensitive company data. Netgain went on to develop innovative e-Health Architecture to cater to both small clinics and large health organizations.
A Better Way to Do IT
Purchasing new servers every four years, replacing faulty switches and firewalls, investing in and running tape backups every day, hiring, training, and losing IT staff, installing software on individual workstations, troubleshooting user issues. These are the pains that organizations face every day with traditional in-house IT networks. Looking to improve IT operations in organizations of all sizes, Warzecha, together with the technical expertise of Netgain CTO Scott Baynes and the operational ability of COO Matt Riley began providing IT outsourcing services that eliminated virtually all of these pains for their clients.
Netgain’s IT outsourcing eliminates the need for expensive in-house hardware like servers, tape backups, firewalls, and standard workstations.  Instead, Netgain provides this hardware through its highly secure and private data center. In this hardened environment, Netgain becomes the outsourced IT department, taking on the responsibilities of maintaining hardware, installing and upgrading software, troubleshooting workstations and other burdensome day-to-day IT tasks. Most important, Netgain's team of technologists provide a 24-hour helpdesk and IT consulting services to become a complete outsourced IT department.
Unparalleled Customer Support
From the beginning, Netgain’s management team believed that it wasn’t enough for Netgain to employ generalists. They needed true technologists with a passion for customer service.

At the core of everything Netgain does is a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable technologists. Netgain builds its customer service on integrity, accuracy, availability and partnerships – and these values extend throughout the company—just ask Netgain clients.
Revolutionizing eHealth
Netgain demonstrates success across a variety of industries – and is experiencing tremendous demand for their services from healthcare facilities.

In response to the rising popularity of eHealth Initiatives and mandates, Netgain developed a unique solution for healthcare organizations. Netgain’s eHealth Architecture is a fully integrated approach to healthcare information technology (HIT) that delivers open-platform solutions designed to fit an organization’s unique IT needs.

By using eHealth Architecture, Netgain clients benefit from all the advantages of outsourcing their applications and ePHI to Netgain’s data center. To align with eHealth Initiatives across the nation, Netgain’s eHealth Architecture also specifically concentrates on RHIO and HIE interoperability, HIPAA-regulated security, and EMR reliability.
Netgain Now
Today, Netgain provides hundreds of clients, with thousands of users, nationwide with secure, reliable, and affordable IT solutions.
Netgain Continues Market Expansion Plan - Netgain announced January 3rd a swift expansion into California, partnering to assume the clients of an organization shifting its focus away from technology.
Netgain Raises over $20,000 for Charitable Causes - For over 5 years, Netgain employees have been donating to employee-chosen charities using Casual for a Cause and have raised over $20,000.
Netgain Passes 2015 SSAE 16 Audit - Netgain received passing marks on the SSAE 16 Type II Security Audit.