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System Operations Analyst

If you feel you're a qualified candidate for the position listed below, please email your resume to, and write "System Operations Analyst" in the subject line.

To develop, improve, and build customer relationships by supporting Netgain Technology’s System Operations Team.  This is a full-time salaried position with a mandatory 90-day review period.  Position may include scheduled time outside of normal business hours.

Analyst: Accept client requests for assistance with hosted resources (including both ASP and web-related assets); troubleshoot technical issues to achieve resolution; issue Support tickets via provided software to fully document issues, steps-to-completion, resolution, and resultant knowledgebase; initiate escalation process within System Operations(L3) or Infrastructure Engineering teams (L3)  or Management as appropriate;  communicate progress and resolution to clients, focusing on client understanding, appreciation, and participation in the problem-solving process.

Specific Areas of Focus:
  • New Service R&D
  • Active Directory Support
  • Application Due Diligence
  • Operating Systems R&D
  • Plan, build, and maintain new and renewed application hosting environments for existing and new Netgain clients.
  • Complete Research and Development projects as directed by the System Operations Team Lead.
  • Sales, Support, and Engineering tasks related to the deployment of Laserfiche imaging systems.
  • Account-specific technical and account management direction, including both legacy (acquired) and new accounts.
  • Perform various customer service tasks, not limited to coordinating and scheduling customer technical support calls, providing telephone or on-site software and hardware support, and fully documenting resolution, independently solving customer problems.
  • Coordinate activities of Support Desk Analysts as they perform task related to the first two bullet points above.  Work with Support Team to improve daily problem resolution rates and minimize escalations.
  • Maintain the Netgain software environment, plan for needed improvements, and make related recommendations to your direct supervisor and other managers.
  • Configuration and installation of new application, infrastructure, or web servers, network appliances, power management hardware, rack equipment and accessories.
  • Continued awareness of Netgain Technology’s network and physical security apparatus and ability to translate this to clients as needed to solve immediate and long-term technical difficulties.
  • Other technical tasks as defined, planned, and approved by the System Operations Team Lead or other management.
  • Continually improve technical competencies and communication skills.
  • Assist in the training and development of Netgain employees. 
  • Suggest innovative and creative new ideas and ways of improving processes.
  • Cooperate with other employees to create a trusting, honest, and productive work team.
  • Operational understanding of the installation, support, monitoring, and custom modification of Microsoft server-based operating systems.
  • Operational understanding of SQL database administration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and query optimization.
  • Operational understanding of Exchange administration, troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Operational understanding of IP-based computer networking within LAN and WAN environments.
  • Operational understanding of desktop-based operating systems, including Windows 9x-XP-7 and CE-based and Windows embedded thin-client appliances.
  • MCSE
This position is subject to a 1-year non-compete and confidentiality agreement, renewable annually.
This position includes one maintenance shift per week, scheduled at the discretion of the Services Team Lead
Weekly rotation of an emergency 24/7 paging or cell phone system with travel limitations from the data center.
  • Accuracy and Integrity: Do I do what I said I was going to do? Did I perform according to schedule? Were your expectations met?
  • Availability: Am I responsive to your service requests?
  • Partnership: Did you feel that you were listened to? Did I view the situation from your point-of-view? Did you feel that I understood what you were going through?
  • Advice: Did I help you learn? Were you taught how to better manage your finances more effectively?
  • Relationships with Each Other - Our success is built on teamwork. We communicate openly and truthfully in a timely manner. We encourage constructive feedback. We are helpful and compassionate and have fun together. We want to serve others and treat others the way we want to be treated. We treat clients as though they are a member of our team, and desire long-lasting, meaningful relationships with them.
  • Respect for People - We value each person’s intrinsic value and uniqueness. We acknowledge everyone’s contribution and respect his/her opinions. Our work environment is open, honest, supportive and fulfilling. Our company is built on trust, and we work to earn the trust of the market we serve.
  • Responsibility for Actions and Results - We keep promises. Each person is empowered to make the organization a success and is 100% accountable for his/her actions. We understand that others take action upon our advice so we offer it wisely. We challenge the status quo, promote continuous improvement and reward excellence. We lead by example and do not avoid difficult decisions. We invest in our people and operations for future growth and profit. We meet our commitments to employees, suppliers and clients every day.
Netgain Continues Market Expansion Plan - Netgain announced January 3rd a swift expansion into California, partnering to assume the clients of an organization shifting its focus away from technology.
Netgain Raises over $20,000 for Charitable Causes - For over 5 years, Netgain employees have been donating to employee-chosen charities using Casual for a Cause and have raised over $20,000.
Netgain Passes 2015 SSAE 16 Audit - Netgain received passing marks on the SSAE 16 Type II Security Audit.