Trailblazing With a Better Way

A belief that there had to be a better way to implement, manage and support IT led Scott Warzecha to found Netgain in 2000. As an experienced IT professional, Scott witnessed first-hand the many challenges facing organizations, and was passionate about offering them an easy and seamless IT solution to help them reach their goals.

Springing before anyone had even heard of “the cloud”, Netgain revolutionized the industry with an innovative and enhanced model, a proactive approach, and outstanding support and help desk experience. Netgain continues to drive the desired business outcomes and remain on the leading edge of healthcare and financial IT.

Specialized Service and Support

Netgain began providing hosting and IT solutions to organizations across a variety of industries. By 2004, it became clear that healthcare and financial clients would greatly benefit from support and services specific to their unique needs and Netgain became exclusively dedicated to providing expert assistance to clients in the healthcare and financial markets.

Growing Nationally through White-Glove IT

Netgain’s commitment to delivering high-touch IT support, as well as an abundance of innovative services designed for highly regulated and security-sensitive industries like healthcare and financial continues to fuel the company’s growth.

Netgain built its first office and data center in St. Cloud, MN, and continues to headquarter in this central location. Housing user data within the granite confines of a former Federal Building also ensures a level of structural stability our clients trust. The company has grown to include offices and data centers in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Diego and Phoenix.



Netgain continues to innovate and remains on the cutting-edge of technology. Our teams are highly trained and skilled professionals, and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and improve in the best interest of our clients.


Industry Expertise

Netgain is passionate about healthcare and financial IT, and dedicates itself to stay current with industry trends, regulations, processes, and software to help you increase productivity and drive results, and reach your desired business outcomes.


Specialized Teams

Netgain matches your organization with a support team equipped with the experience and knowledge of your specific IT needs and applications, such as the EMR you use.

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